1. What is the consumer panel about?

Your views and opinions are very important to us, providing invaluable guidance on developing new food and drink products and on food issues in general.

The panel consists of many people from all walks of life who have been asked by Campden BRI to participate occasionally throughout the year in food and drink taste tests and focus groups, or to complete online surveys on food related issues.

2. How often will I be asked to participate?

We conduct consumer tests throughout the year on a regular basis, and you could be contacted at anytime, so long as you meet the required criteria. There is no obligation to do so but our research is carried out at different times of the day and week to make it easy for panel members to take part. Of course online surveys can be completed at a time convenient to you.

3. How will I be contacted?

You will only be contacted by email. The invitation asking you to take part in a market research project will contain all the information you need to know about the research project, how to get to the Research Centres (if applicable), times and contact details.

4. What will I be asked to do as a panel member?

Panel members are asked to taste a food or drink product and complete a questionnaire or take part in a focus group at our purpose built Research Centres. Additionally panel members may be asked to complete an online survey from time to time


5. How much time does it all take?

Taste tests take up to one hour and focus groups around 90 minutes. You can take part in as many research projects as is convenient to you.


6. How do I register to become a panel member?

Simply click here to complete a registration form.


7. What happens after I´ve registered?

You will start to receive emails from time to time inviting you to take part in a research project at our purpose built Research Centres or asking you to complete a survey online.

You simply reply to this email, which will contain all the information you need to know about the project, to confirm whether you'd like to take part on this occasion.


8. Where are the tasting centres?

We have tasting centres have Leamington Spa, Chipping Campden. and Birmingham.


9. How long do I have to stay on the panel for?

You can stay on the Panel for as long as you wish and take part in as many or as few research projects as convenient.

Of course you can leave the Panel at any time by simply requesting that the Panel administrator removes you from the database (send your instruction to consumer panel).


10. Will anybody try to sell me something as a result of being a panel member?

No. Your details will be used only by Campden BRI and for market research purposes only.


11. What other communication will I receive being a panel member?

You will receive a quarterly email update on issues that the Panel has helped with.


12. How do I leave the consumer panel?

Simply send an email to consumer panel instructing us that you wish to be removed from the panel database.

13. How do I change my registration details?

Please login to your account, click on Account. You will need your security question. Find your contact details or other section you wish to change and delete your old details, then enter your new contact details. Then click modify at the bottom of the page.

There is more help available at FAQs login and application.